QuickBooks Pro Advisor has a lot to offer.  If you need an example of an engagement letter you can log into your Pro Advisor  center and click the resource tab.  Once you are on that tab, under the Growing Your Practice Section there are a set of six sample engagement letters that you can download.


2016 Payroll rates and bases are the same as 2015:

  • Social Security wage limit            $118,500
  • Medicare wages are unlimited at 1.45%
  • If your wages are over $200,000.00 withhold additional .9% medicare tax
  • FUTA rate is 6% on $7,000 Wage Base
  • Business mileage rates down in 2016 to $.54 compared to $.57.5 in 2015
    • relocation and medical miles are $.19
    • Charitable rate miles $.14
  • 401K limits for 2016 is $18,000 and if over age 50 you can take an additional $6,000