If your entrepreneurial endeavors require organizational skills or daily business functions, HBL can offer the professional services that will assist you. In some cases we handle the clients’ entire bookkeeping needs, while in others we simply fill in the voids when their immediate staff is not able to perform a task on a timely basis.

Business Start Up Services

HBL provides what you need.

  • File for Federal & State Tax ID Numbers
  • Set up General Ledger System in appropriate software
  • Design layouts for financials and business reports, charts or graphs
  • Set up payroll services
  • Issue W2’s and 1099’s and file with government

Complete Business Services

HBL can provide your entire bookkeeping needs from data entry through general ledger accounting.

  • Issue checks for bill payment
  • Process payroll
  • Prepare payroll taxes and quarterly report submissions
  • Issue W-2’s and 1099’s for filing with the government
  • Receive and record receipts
  • Maintain current checkbook balances
  • Prepare monthly bank reconciliations
  • Organize accounts payable for timely payments
  • Monthly client billing and collections
  • Payroll Audits
  • Set up budget reports with monthly or quarterly reporting
  • Post all accounting entries to a general ledger system for preparation of financial statements requested
  • Prepare charts and graphs on any financial information that might aid in management meetings
  • Interact with staff, CPA, legal counsel, financial advisors and other professionals
  • Coordinate with professionals on the preparation of the business tax return
  • Return all financial supporting documents upon completion of each year’s tax return

Interim Business Services

HBL can fill the void when direct staff is unable to perform tasks on a timely basis, or provide company private and payroll tasks.

  • Provide Part-time or  temporary staff
  • Train you or your staff to use an accounting software and  provide ongoing support
  • Assist in the interview and hiring process for your accounting staff needs.

Personal Services

Are you always travelling, working or you just do not feel like maintaining your own personal finances?  Have you been delegated or have you volunteered to help a loved one maintain their personal bills?  HBL can assist.

  • Pay bills weekly, bi-weekly or monthly
  • Maintain a checkbook register
  • Monitor online purchases and credit card usage
  • Reconcile bank statements monthly
  • Make brief calls or visits to check on loved ones
  • Research items before deciding on major purchases or financial changes
  • Organize a personal general ledger and financials
  • Record retirement and investment accounts
  • Help with estate payments or assisted living expenses
  • Prepare tax organizer for the tax preparer or CPA

Professional Services

Your clients can’t afford your rates or you are backlogged and your deadline is approaching, and then outsource. HBL can assist accounting professionals and legal firms.

  • We will organize and post your clients data to an accounting software
  • Give you clean financial statements  to prepare tax returns or other documents
  • Keep Trust & Escrow accounts in balance
  • Prepare professional documents needed to complete a project for you or your clients
  • We can set up Excel reports
  • Set up budget numbers


CPAs, Attorneys and business owners benefit from outsourcing strategies. Outsourcing ultimately offers great advantages. The process allows firms to build their team of skilled professionals.  Prevent the additional expense of an employee and avoid getting bogged down with the daily financial tasks that can be completed off site. It’s an affordable, proven strategy for growing your business without letting it take over your life.  Outsourcing allows off site tasks to save your resources and keep your business efficient.


Bookkeeping Services and Beyond

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